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  1. Isn't it lovely to have a few more sunny and warm days before the summer officially ends next week? We've been out, not far from home, for some lovely walks in the last few days enjoying the woods, streams and river nearby. There are signs of Autumn now with acorns and conkers as well as blackberries in the hedges. It makes me think of sewing projects featuring Autumn leaves and Halloween pumpkins. Here are links to a few projects you might like to try in preparation for Autumn:

    Applique Tree Cushion
    Fabric Pumpkins Tutorial
    Pumpkins Bunting
    Autumn Leaves - links to lots of free patterns

    Did you know that you can search the fabrics in my online shop by colour? Just go to the Shop main page and type the name of a colour in the Search box and you will see all the fabrics in that colour that are available. try it for the Autumn colours orange, brown etc.
    10 years ago I took part in an international quilt swap and made this quilt to send to my partner:
    I'd love to make something similar for myself but I traced the acorn and leaves from pictures on the internet and can't find them now! I'll keep looking but did find some acorns to trace here:
    I used to regularly write a blog using Blogger and it was a record of many of the quilts I made but I let it lapse, more's the pity. If you're curious take a look:
    Enjoy the sunshine!